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W. A. Kendall & Co., Inc. provides professional vegetation management service to the electrical industry. We offer tree trimming, line clearance, herbicide application, transmission right of way maintenance and mowing.

Our crews are highly skilled and are provided the latest in specialized equipment in order to complete your job. We will bring our “can do” attitude with us when we join your right of way program.

No project is too big or too small when it comes to W. A. Kendall & Co., Inc.  We utilize our resources and our specialty services to fit your needs. Our fleet includes rubber tired mechanical tree trimmers, track mechanical tree trimmers, Kendall Cutter rotary mowers, all-terrain aerial lift trucks, ROW brush mowers and more.

Mobile mechanics and service centers throughout our territory provide just in time maintenance and repair services for our crews. This ensures the maximum uptime for your job.

W. A. Kendall’s safety program is second to none. Our safety professionals have designed an industry specific program to train our line clearance personnel and to increase safety awareness. We have written and assembled our own publications to use for training. These include Laborer Training, Aerial Lift Operator Training, and Climber Training. All of our employees begin line clearance certification training when hired and receive on-going training throughout their working tenure.

W. A. Kendall & Co., Inc. is the answer for the utility right of way manager who is looking for a high quality, high production company willing to work within their right of way program. Contact us to find our more. We want to earn the opportunity to become your right of way clearing contractor.


W. A. Kendall & Co., Inc. is ready when your utility suffers tree damage due to inclement weather. One call to our storm center in Lawrenceville, GA will start the process of getting you help. Often our crews are already preparing for storm duty even before we receive any calls.

By contacting W. A. Kendall & Co., Inc. you will receive a quick response to your request. We will begin immediately to mobilize our crews to your storm damaged area to begin the rebuilding process.

For immediate regional response call the numbers shown nearest you:

Georgia -  770-963-6017
Tennessee - 615-330-4979
Alabama - 205-799-5607
Mississippi - 662-614-0127
Louisiana - 318-348-4150
Arkansas - 318-348-4150
Kentucky - 606-524-4328

Or call 800-367-6141

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